Cutting Board Sterilizer[INQ. NO. 1607C03] BORN&MADE has developed a small cutting board sterilizer with a unique and sophisticated design that is distinctively different from the existing sterilizers. The new product consists of two high-density silicone cutting boards and a sterilizer with antibiotic and disinfection functions. The cutting board sterilizer uses germicidal UV light, far-infrared rays and hot air drying heater to sanitize and dry cutting boards, knives and scissors, ensuring reliable disinfection effect. The device also combines functionality with style, reflecting modern trends.

2016-07-14 16;44;19.PNG
Main features:
– Storage blocks for knives & scissors
– Non-toxic sturdy food-safe cutting boards
– Uses ultraviolet and far-infrared rays
– 99.9% disinfection rate in 30 minutes
– Runs every five hours automatically | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods