Dumbbell Bottle

[INQ. NO. 1607http://korean-products.com/inquiryC05] Lock & Lock’s Dumbbell Bottle is a dumbbell-shaped bottle like its name suggests. When the bottle is filled with water, the bottle (560ml) can readily transform into a 0.68-kilogram dumbbell anywhere, allowing people to use it as a water bottle while exercising with dumbbells.
Its ergonomic and curved body – in particular, the center is curvedly receded — provides excellent and comfortable grip during outdoor activities. And the dumbbell bott le has a soft silicone hand strip so that it can be fastened to one’s hand during workout or on the move. The bottle’s narrow entrance prevents leakage even if people drink water in the middle of a workout. The stopper can be separated for easy cleaning. The colors come in violet, green and black.
Lock & Lock, founded in 1978 as a maker of over 2,000 home products, has focused on producing innovative “Lock & Lock” rectangular shape airtight storage containers, evolving into a global brand that has been exported to as many as 116 countries.


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