Since its establishment as a used motorcycle exporter in the ’90s, Motors Inc. has been manufacturing and supplying comprehensive leisure sports devices, including bicycles, with its extensive expertise and technology. TNS Motors Inc. is a venture company that is certified by international standardization organizations such as ISO9001 and ISO14001. We at TNS Motors Inc., strive to develop efficient and easy-to-use electric bikes through quality standardization and eco-friendly production.

T&S Motors, Inc is always working hard as a pioneer in the business of low carbon, green growths. Instead of pursuing short term profits, They are committed to making contributions to humans and nature. With their unique and creative products, They intend to support both convenience and economical value.

They are proud to make small but meaningful contributions to energy conservation and environmental protection, the two most fundamental tasks of all humankind. As an eco-friendly company, They will seek and create new ways to enjoy environmentally friendly leisure sports, while focusing our best efforts on quality improvement and customer support.


NUBEAM is not just a bicycle accessory.

It is a Must-Have item for your safe ride.

  • . It is a multifunctional bike light that acts as both an effective safety and theft prevention measure.
  • . It provides clear directional signals (left/ right).

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