Scratch-free antibacterial sponge brush

Hello, this is INSAN Co.,Ltd. Established in 1994, INSAN have been growing steadily for a long period of time in cooperation with partner companies. The major products of INSAN is antibacterial scrubber.

We developed antibacterial scrubbers utilizing inorganic antimicrobial agent and  ilver(Ag) first time in Korea. We are manufacturing the products with high quality material and in strict quality standard.

With creative planning, excellent technology, and reliable quality management, our products get trust and satisfaction both from partners and customers.

Lately, utilizing the past 20 years of know-how and experience, we have developed our  wn brand called “Mr.KING of HOUSE KEEPING” which consist of household goods such as antibacterial scrubbers, shower towels, dishcloths, adhesive roller paper tape cleaners, laundry washing net bags, and more.

INSAN will continuously devote to produce germ free, eco-friendly and long-lasting products.

INSAN will be your partner for housework who values your health and environment most!

C_7Scratch-free antibacterial sponge brush

Ergonomically designed handle for easy grip

  1. Handle part : Designed ergonomically for convenient grip. Harmless polypropylene material ensures safety of the product.
  2. Brush part : Soft antibacterial sponge used for brush part does not leave scratches. Antibacterial brush in dimply sponge design cleans up every corner of the bottle.

Use of the product

For cleaning baby bottle, flask, cup, wine glass, etc

  • Heat/cold resistance : (Handle) 100℃/-20℃ (Brush) 80℃/-20℃ | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods