Environment-friendly Paper Cups for Noodles and Hot & Cold Drinks

[INQ. NO. 1608C27] Food packaging, made from a variety of materials http://korean-products.com/inquirysuch as plastics, paper and synthetic resins can be found anywhere — retail stores, fast food/takeout restaurants, catering business– as an integral part of the food commodities in the modern life. The primary function is to protect food safely, but food packaging has grown in importance in accordance with change in eating habit and increasing demand for ready-to-eat food, largely driven by lifestyle and demographic changes.For example, the singleperson households are a growing trend worldwide. And, as more women participate in labor market and people work for longer time than in the past, consumers spent less time for preparing meal at home, leading to increase in demand for the instant and convenience food.
Food packaging companies in Korea are continuously improving their technology in accordance with such changes.
Notably, SungwooEnvi Tech Co., Ltd. is a frontrunner in offering various food packaging options for both consumers and food serving industry with its specialized cutting-edge technology and expertise.

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In response to the health-conscious lifestyle trend among consumes and growing environmental concerns at home and abroad, SungwooEnvi Tech has lately launched ECO Paper Cup, made with eco-friendly paper material by the unique manufacturing process – bulging of a surface of paper cupby heat treatment. Made of environment-friendly pulp material and special coating product by heat treatment, the ECO Paper Cup has excellent insulation and temperature preservation. In addition, it features superior oxygen barrier properties and contents storage stability.
Especially, there is no ink smell and the same material as milk cartons is used. With many benefits, it can be applied to various food containers for noodles and hot or cool drinks, complementing the drawbacks of the ordinary paper cup. Sungwoo’s ECO Paper Cup holds Eco mark and it is patented in the USA and Japan.

A leading manufacturer of paper cup and machine forming paper cup

SungwooEnvi Tech Co., Ltd. is a Korea’s leading manufacturer paper cup products groups: various paper cup kinds (eco paper cup, noodle cup, ice-cream cup, drinking cup, vending cup, frozen dessert cup, take-out cup, snack cup and etc.) since 1981. Sungwoo’s paper cup products are qualified in many new-tech of paper cup forming, especially, regarding double wall paper cup and cup forming of environmentally friendly pulp.

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