Hydraulic Fluid of Eco-friendly Flame Resistance “ECO POWER SERIES

[INQ. NO. 1608C28] Hydraulic oil is a suitable solution for hydraulic equipment and it is widely used for tool machines, press machines, aircraft, http://korean-products.com/inquiryconstruction equipment, automobiles, and so forth.
Hydraulic oil plays an important role throughout many industries, performing functions such as power transmission, parts lubrication, prevention of rust and corrosion in hydraulic systems, and the extension of machine & tool life by cooling the system.
Kwangwoo, a specialized manufacturer of industrial lubricants, has developed and launched an eco-friendly flame resistant hydraulic fluid “ECO POWER SERIES” for all hydraulic applications where a fire hazard exists and petroleum hydraulic oil would be potentially unsafe.
Untitled-87Its excellent stability enables the ECO POWER SERIES to extend fire-resistant properties and resistance to the formation of sludge or deposits in prolonged service. The ECO POWER SERIES also has outstanding features such as viscosity properties, anti-wear properties, demulsibility, corrosion protection, oxidation stability, long-term lifespan and excellent shear stability.
As an excellently biodegradable, abrasion-resistant, and clean product, which obtained the use certification of environmental cover, it is suitable for high-pressure hydraulic systems.

Biodegradable Low Toxicity of ECO POWER SERIES 

Synthetic esters, which are used as the base oil of fire resistant hydraulic oil of esters of fatty acid, has an extremely insignificant effect on the human body due to its low toxicity, can greatly help to solve the problems of environmental pollution due to its excellent biodegradability, and can easily dispose of waste oil. .

Focusing on environmentally sustainable industrial lubricant solutions

Founded in 1989, Kwangwoo is one of Korea’s leading manufacturers of industrial lubricants such as rolling oil, synthetic esters, hydraulic oil, fire-resistant hydraulic oil, surface treatment agent, drawing oil, anti-rust oil, cleaning oil, quenching oil, cutting & grinding oil, oil dispersant and sugimura products. The company supplies the above products to Korea’s major iron & steel companies and automobile companies and its primary clients include POSCO, Hyundai Steel, Dongkuk Steel, Dongbu Steel, Seah Steel and Hyundai Motor company. It has been also exporting to many clients in China, Japan, India, Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand.

Since 2000, Kwangwoo has been making intensive R&D investments in renewable natural vegetable oils as a substitute for limited oil resources and the company succeeded in developing and producing synthetic oil which has excellent biodegradability. By doing so, Kwangwoo is taking the lead in producing eco-friendly rolling oil, hydraulic oil, cutting oil and rust preventive oil, instead of mineral oil, which can pollute the soil and water.

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