Pure Aloe Vera Skin Care Products

[INQ. NO. 1608C29] As “K-Beauty,” which refers to the popular Korean cosmetics industry, has http://korean-products.com/inquiryemerged as one of the hottest beauty trends among female consumers in Asia, a lot of Korean beauty companies are establishing their presence beyond the domestic market.
AMICELL Co., Ltd. is one of the pioneers in spreading the popularity of Korean beauty-care products in Asia and around the world with the vision of helping women look more beautiful. It has been pursuing successful marketing strategies with quality, service and reliability, making a debut as a globalized cosmetics manufacturer and marketer since its inception in 2011.
With a strong reputation in both domestic and international markets, the Korean beauty-care company can provide buyers a one-stop solution for OEM / ODM contract manufacturing and marketing.
AMICELL can also respond to the changing overseas cosmetics market and maximize customer satisfaction by providing differentiated multifunctional cosmetics of the best quality at attractive prices.

ELAIA Pure Aloe Vera Natural Multi Foam Cleanser

Untitled-89If you want to make your skin healthy and better, the starting point is excellent cleansing. This cleanser will help make your skin clear and bright with soft and rich foam made of organic aloe vera ingredients by providing freshness to skin and cleansing waste, sebum and make-up residue located deep in the pores. It also provides moisture and soothes the skin exhausted from harmful environment, fine dust and makeup.
In addition, Niacinamide, which has excellent brightening effect, makes your skin brighter and clear.
The natural and non-irritating product will provide a good cleansing solution for people with sensitive and irritated skin.

AMICELL Aloe Vera Moisture Soothing Gel

Untitled-90This high-quality gel product gives skin refreshed and moisturized feeling as the ingredients are quickly, freshly absorbed into the skin without stickiness upon application of moist gel on the skin. This product is entirely different from mediocre gel products on the market in terms of quality and efficacy.
The multi-care soothing gel calms the reddened and sensitive skin, while keeping damaged skin from sunburn or dryness fully hydrated. It is totally free from mineral oil, artificial pigment, Benzophenone, talc and sulfate.

ELAIA Pure Aloe Vera Natural Moist Up Skin Mist

Untitled-91This is a spray type moisture soothing mist that helps soften and moisturize dull and dried skin by offering rich moisture like a drizzle that gently drops into the barren land and plant. Micro and fine particles of 100% pure aloe vera are absorbed into the skin evenly and rapidly, while relieving tanned and damaged skin resulting from hot sun, ultraviolet rays, heat, etc. The essence formulated with 100% pure aloe vera effectively soothes the skin, while strengthening the skin layer, leaving the skin revitalized.

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