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[INQ. NO. 1608C08] Agafura Co., Ltd., established 2010 as a manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer of baby products in South Korea, has provided premium items for babies and kids under its own Agafura brand name.
Agafura Co., Ltd., established in 2010 as a manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer of baby products in South Korea, has provided premium items for babies and kids under its own Agafura brand name. Based on its belief that every child who is the hope of the future deserves the best care, Agafura is striving to create clean, safe and high-quality products for every child.
Currently, Agafura is a leading baby product company in Korea, providing a variety of high-quality baby products, including the patented straw cups teether, straw cup, feeder, teething rattle ball, spoon, and finger guard, which are made of quality silicon material and non-toxic material to ensure they are safe for a baby to use or even put into the mouth. Agafura has also made comfortable and safe products for children, with convenience for parents in mind as well. All of Agafura’s products are made in Korea.

Agafura Star Straw Cup

Untitled-25.jpgThis is an easy-to-open and leak-free straw cup consisting of non-toxic soft silicone straw
with BPA-free Tritan copolyester cup. Depending on your baby’s development stage, you can choose one of following three types of Agafura Star Straw Cups:
– Type 1: Weighted Straw Cup (6 months+)
With a flexible 360°weighted straw, it is possible to drink from any angle.
– Type 2: Silicone Straw Cup (8 months+)
The 100% silicone straw is soft on baby’s teeth and gums.
– Type 3: Use Disposable Straw (12 months+)
You can use any kind of disposable straw conveniently.
Simply replace the straw or by changing the packing.
* Spiracle & straw hole have been specially designed and patented.

Agafura Silicone Baby Bowl with Suction Cup

Untitled-26.jpgWith combination of a silicone baby bowl with suction cup, it is designed not to spill any
food. Additional products: a silicon lid, silicone snack lid and silicone place mat.

Agafura juicy Feeder with Silicone Replacement Pouch
Untitled-27.jpgIt helps prevent choking (by food) as it pushes the food through a 100% non-toxic silicon feeder.

Agafura Magic Straw Cup
Untitled-28.jpgIt is a straw cup in which contents don’t leak, even if the cup is turned upside down thanks to a double silicon packing functions. (The straw hole is processed with double silicon packing and so contents never leak around the straw.) It can be used with straws of any size.

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