Dr.AG Skincare Tissue Set

[http://korean-products.com/inquiryINQ. NO. 1608C17] Dr.AG BHA Lightoning Eraser Wipes
This is a soft and hypoallergenic peeling pack formulated to have users to wear really good
makeup. It is a pore-care wipes containing BHA toner, which is excellent in absorbing sebum and cleansing the skin, as the main ingredient. The plant-based collagen forms moist protection layer, which allows for soft peeling and activates the skin cell turnover cycle as well, making a dull and dark skin bright and glow.

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Dr.AG All-in-one Cool Treatment 4.1
This is a multi-use tissue incorporating skin toner, lotion, essence and sunblock so that people can use to remove sweat and waste after workout or during outdoor activities such as hiking and golfing. It gives users refreshingness by eliminating sweat and waste from the skin, and its sunscreen ingredients protects the skin from sunlight.

Untitled-63.jpgDr.AG Ultra Hydration Cleansing Wipes
Using mild ingredients, this is a hypoallergenic cleansing wipes that can remove the wastes from the skin cleanly and neatly. Thanks to water formula base containing aloe vera toner in the cleansing wipes, you don’t need to cleanse your face with water.

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