Electric Range & Foldable Water Bottle

In line with the recent growth of the well-being product market in Korea, http://korean-products.com/inquirythe electric range (or stove) market has also seen remarkable growth, emerging as a new growth engine of the home electronics industry. According to the recent data, the annual sales of electric ranges are expected to exceed 500,000 units by 2017 from 300,000 units in 2015.
Korean home electric companies are rushing to launch their own products to keep up with the burgeoning demand.
With a specialized and unique EDC technology, VITDAM Co., Ltd. is gett ing ahead in the electric range market, satisfying various needs of consumers in terns of effi ciency & economics, convenience and safety. The VITDAM electric range has got CCC certifi cation of China this year.

The next-generation EDC electric range of VITDAM will bring your kitchen revolution with various user-friendly features.

The VITDAM electric range is one of the most energyefficient, convenient, maintenance-free and hygienic products available on the market.
Most of all, it delivers the optimal power spending and the strongest heating power through temperature-maintenance control by VITDAM’s unique EDC technology, which is
patented in Germany and China. The product is equipped with highlight heating elements from E.G.O. and CERAN Glass from SCHOTT, which are both German companies.
In addition, the VITDAM electric range’s simple design with 1~9 steps of a slide touch makes it easy to manipulate, and its timer can control cooking time for safe and convenient cooking.
As it cooks by light not by fl ame as in the gas range and does not burn oxygen, it prevents generation of carbon monoxide that is harmful to the human body. The electric range also does not emit harmful gases, during cooking, including formaldehyde, nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide. In addition, the fl at glass ceramic plate can be swept immediately by wet towels even if soup is spilled while cooking.
Furthermore, using the far-infrared radiation, it cooks inside and outside of the food at the same time so it can prevent burnt or pressed ingredients with minimal water evaporation and less nutrient-destruction.

‘Well-being’ Foldable Water Bottle

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VITDAM’s brand-new foldable water bott le will be an ideal item when you are engaged in various outdoor activities. The odor-free and BPA-free bott le can be easily folded so that you can carry it anywhere. As advanced new polyethylene is used to line the inside of the bott le, there is no safety concern about bacteria breeding or BPA release when the bott le contains boiling water. The bott le can be frozen with water without concern about gett ing ripped as well. The bott le’s dual structure – made using polyethylene for inside and nylon-fi lm for outside, respectively, prevents water from having an odor, unlike lesser-quality bott les on the markets.

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