Herbal Complex Extract-based Hair-loss Prevention Shampoo

There is nothing quite as discouraging as losing hair and havinghttp://korean-products.com/inquiry thinning hair. However, the number of people suff ering from hair loss is growing regardless of age or gender for genetic or environmental reasons these days.
Basically, hair loss is known to be deeply linked with DHT (Di-hidro- testosterone). As male hormone, testosterone and 5-alpha are combined with active enzymes of the body, they are transformed to DHT (Di-hidro- testosterone). DHT contracts and deteriorates hair follicles, causing hair loss.

O Red Ginseng is formulated to address the underlying causes of hair loss by preventing testosterone and 5-alpha from combining the body’s active enzymes and by utilizing scientifi c mechanism of active ingredients — Zinc pyrithione, Dexpanthenol and Salicylic acid. It is an OTC drug certifi ed for hair loss prevention and hair nutrition by KFDA. It is also helpful for improving seborrheic scalp.


Active ingredients of O Red Ginseng: Zinc pyrithione, dexpanthenol, salicylic acid, red ginseng extract 

– Zinc pyrithione: It is used for seborrheic dermatitis by relieving excessive secretion of sebaceous glands.
It softens the skin and hair, making shiny.
It is very eff ective for removing grease, so it is used as an agent for preventing greasy scalp.
– Dexpanthenol: It provides energy to the skin, improving skin regeneration by supplying oil and moisture. It has conditioning eff ects, maintaining the balance of the skin and hair. It is a moisturizer with good penetration and it is usefully used for many products due to good moisturization.
– Salicylic acid: It removes dead skin cells from the skin surface, eliminating calluses as well as causes of infl ammation. This ingredient passes through sebum and penetrates into pores. It prevents the accumulation of sebum in pores by cleaning pores.

O Shampoo Premium (for damaged hair) contains 52% herbal extract, formulated to promote blood circulation, decreasing overheated scalp temperature. It is eff ective in reducing broken hair loss and is suitable for long hair and damaged hair. No paraben preservatives, No artificial flavors and No coloring

O Shampoo Professional (for oily scalp) contains 52% herbal extract, formulated to promote blood circulation, decreasing overheated scalp temperature. It is eff ective in reducing broken hair loss and is suitable for short hair and healthy hair. No paraben preservatives, No artifi cial fl avors and No coloring

Specialist in hair-care products

Untitled-43.jpgHerbEarth specializes in herbal complex extract-based hair-care products, including hair-loss prevention shampoo, hair tonic and mask, which are formulated to provide nutrients to scalp and hair, making the hair healthy and shiny without using parabens, artificial flavors and artificial coloring. HerbEarth possesses production processing, patent, certificate and testing result for 23 kinds of herbal pharmaceutical ingredient extracts.

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