Hip Seat

[INQ. NO. 1608C06] If you have a baby and have https://korean-products.com/inquiryto go out with him or her, a new hip seat
from Korea-based baby goods company YKBnC will help you to carry your baby with ease.
The Sorbebe Stella Hipseat is designed to allow you to have maximum contact with your baby, like a kangaroo’s pouch does, so that you and your baby can feel a sense of intimacy.
It is specifically designed to address the problem of adult back pain by putting velcro supports into the waist, which Untitled-29provides a firm base for the child to sit on while supporting his or her increasingly heavy weight. Its back supporting design offers comfort and security for both wearer and child.
It is for carrying children between six months to three years old, and it can hold up to 35 kg. The baby’s product is made using 100% organic cotton to protect the delicate skin of a baby. It is also highly durable, comfortable and trendy, so people can go anywhere with their babies.
YKBnC is a fast-growing baby goods company that is engaged in distributing leading international baby goods brands in the Korean market. Launched by YKBnC, Sorbebe provides premium baby goods items, including pillows, blankets, launch bags, stroller cover and so forth.

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