Hospital Beds & Equipment

[INQ. NO. 1608C10] Hanlim Medical Equipment Co. Ltd. been for more than 24 years a leading Korean manufacturer and supplier in the field of hospital furniture and equipment.
Hanlim Medical products have commanded over 80 percent of the domestic market for General Hospitals & University Hospitals.
Hanlim has manufactured various hospital equipment with expertise skills and know-how under the slogan of, “We always consider our customers prior to making a product.” We are committ ed to ensuring our customers’ comfort and satisfaction with more and more new products in development.
We will innovate to be a global company providing TOTAL SOLUTION service through hospital bed and equipment.
We pledge to our customers the very best quality and service.

Product Introduction
I.C.U BED, General Bed, Trauma Stretcher, Scrub Station, Emergency Cart, Anesthesia Cart, Dressing Cart, Endoscopic Dryer Cabinet, Linen Hamper Cart, Instrument Cabinet, Stool, Irrigation Tower, Mayo Stand, X-ray view box, Wire Shelf, Mortuary Refrigerator, Autopsy Table, Dissection Table. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods