Hydrogel Facial Mask Packs & Eye Patches

[INQ. NO. 1608C18] Beauty Cosmetic Co., Ltd. http://korean-products.com/inquiryspecializes in manufacturing its basic skincare line and hydrogel facial mask packs & eye patches with its own hydrogel technology. After establishing two R&D centers, Beauty Cosmetic has grown into an innovation-driven enterprise bringing new products to market, and quickly responding to customers’ needs. All of its products contain naturally sourced ingredient extracts. With the concept of a cosmeceutical in mind, Beauty Cosmetic is committed to prioritizing safety, followed by maximum effectiveness, by combining natural elements and a scientifi c approach.

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Beauty Cosmetic manufactures its basic skincare line, color makeup, sunblock, anti-wrinkle cosmetics and hydrogel facial mask packs & eye patches, sheet masks and insoluble patches, with the plan to expand its business into organic cosmetics and kids’ care products this year.
Main Products: hydrogel facial mask packs & eye patches Unlike regular sheet masks, the hydrogel masks containing essence as a main material have excellent adhesion to skin, and they also respond to human body temperatures, eff ectively absorbing the moisturizing and active ingredients deep into the skin. As the helpful ingredients are dissolved on the skin, the hydrogen gets visibly thinner after use.

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