Korean Consumer Goods Trading Business

[INQ. NO. 1608C16] NETBIZWORLD Co., Ltd.
provides management http://korean-products.com/inquiryconsulting services for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and it is also engaged in discovering and exporting highly competitive Korean products, based on its solid infrastructure built through network business and participation in a variety of projects for the past 10 years.
As a trading company, NETBIZWORLD has the advantage of maintaining a close relationship with business partners, based on mutual trust and has sufficient knowledge and easy access to products.

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NETBIZWORLD deals in a variety of items ranging from LED-related electronic products, capsule coffee & machine, camping supplies to cosmetics and foodstuffs.
In addition, the company can research and find out items meeting customers’ requirements. Since the founding, NETBIZWORLD has put much focus on building cooperative partnerships in carrying out global business under the management philosophy of realizing customer satisfaction.
If you want to start your global business with Korean companies, NETBIZWORLD is a perfect business partner for you.

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