Safe and High-performance Coating Cookware

Titanium Coating Cookware

The product is made according the aluminum die-casting procedure and is resistant against external impact. Coated with special non-stick titanium, the cookware is four-times stronger and more durable than the existing diamond-coated products. The titanium-coating is an innovative 3D-coating technology applied with Japanese blending technology. The titanium coating hardly generates damage, and thus, it is excellent against abrasion and corrosion. It is also hygienic and easy to use because food hardly sticks to it.

Ceramic Coating Cookware

With inner and outer ceramic coating, the cookware is highly resistant to scratching, abrasion and corrosion. The strong coating force provides excellent non-stickiness, and thus prevents food from sticking to the product, making it easy to clean. It also features excellent thermal conductivity by adopting a high-purity aluminum casting technique. It is safe cookware without detection of PFOA, PFOS, lead, cadmium and melamine. It has a gracefully curved handle with an excellent feel of grip. You will get a deep and delicious meal thanks to the emission of ions and far-infrared light.

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The advanced coating pans made of the right materials will really make your cooking pleasant.

Quality pots and pans can make a big diff erence to the outcome of your cooking. That’s why Good Morning Corporation remains fi rmly committ ed to meeting consumer cookware needs through continuous improvement of product quality and application of advanced technology. As a specialized cookware company in Korea, Good Morning Corporation is also striving to realize its vision of empowering individuals and families around the world to cook using the cutt ing-edge cookware technology that is focused on contributing to bett er health, technological know-how, perfect production, great innovative strength.
On that basis, Good Morning Corporation provides a variety of frying pans and woks made by using safe, highquality materials and coating technology such as titanium coating, stone coasting system, ceramic coating and diamond coating, and by emphasizing user-friendly innovative design so that consumers can choose the right pan and wok suited to their cooking style. By adhering to an eco-friendly production process that it takes pride in, the company is taking a step forward to become one of the world’s leading brands for high-quality products. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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