[INQ. NO. 1608C14] Since its foundation in1978, SEOWON has evolved into a professional irrigation material manufacturing and distributing company. In 1995, the company finally succeeded localizing irrigation equipment (drip irrigation tape, drip tube) which had previously been supplied by advanced companies in the U.S. and Israel.
Since 2005, the company has placed ads on New Ag (English-speaking countries, Israel) and Irrigazette (French and Spanish-speaking countries) which are very influential in local market and Japanese and Chinese irrigation journals.
In addition, SEOWON has actively participate in global irrigation exhibition and enhanced its brand image (‘Golden Tree’) as an expert irrigation material manufacturer in the world market.
SEOWON has continuously focused on technology development with the global of becoming a leader in the world irrigation material industry. As such, it has released a patented new brand ‘Golden Tree’ which has solved the clogging problems of conventional drip irrigation systems and ensured satisfactory and uniform irrigation, automation, and
mass production.

Meanwhile, the company received the ‘US 1 million dollar export tower’ award in 2005 and the ‘US 3 and 5 million dollar export towers’ awards in 2008 and 2009 respectively. This year, it aims to achieve US 10 million dollars in exports. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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