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Automatic (hot/cold air) Hand Dryer | Korean Products

September 19, 2016

Our hands are always exposed to numerous germs anywhere in the home and work environments. Therefore, we should wash our hands regularly to prevent the risk of catching cold or contagious diseases through bacteria on our hands. At the same time, drying your hands thoroughly is just as important as washing your hands in terms of personal hygiene, because any moisture remaining on your hands could provide an ideal environment for germs to thrive.
Thus, there exist automatic hand dryers from Hankook Towel Machine. Founded in 1989, Hankook Towel Machine specializes in manufacturing hand dryers in Korea. Since the company produced Korea’s fi rst hand dryer, it has grown into the leading hand dryer company by continuously providing various models of automatic hand dryers, with a 50 percent share of the domestic market.
Based on such strong brand power and reliable quality, Hankook Towel Machine is moving to make inroads into the global market by gett ing global certifi cations such as CE and CCC. It is also expected to acquire UL soon. Currently, Hankook Towel Machine is making preparations for exporting to diff erent countries including Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Japan.

With 25 years of technical expertise, Hankook Towel Machine is a frontrunner in the automatic hand dryer in Korea by continuously taking the performance of its automatic hand dryer to another level as one can see from the following technologies:
– Semi-permanent motor: The automatic hand dryer’s lifespan is 75 times longer than that of other products, in other words, it can be used for more than 30,000 hours (based on 9 seconds per one drying) due to the adoption of a brushless motor.
– Low nose: The product is signifi cantly quieter as a result of applying the best noise reduction technologies.
– Touch-type adjustment function: It is easy to operate by use of the touch adjustment mode.
– Hot/cold air function: Users can select hot or cool air depending on seasons or one’s preference.
– Infrared light LED, internal sterilization using ultraviolet rays: The product features an internal sterilization function using infrared light and ultraviolet rays to dry the hands hygienically.
– Air cleaning fi lter: The fi lter continuously removes dust in the air while the product is running, allowing hygienic use and convenient cleaning at all times.
(When cleaning the fi lter, a fl ashing notifi cation light appears on the display window.)
– Ease of installation: This type of product can be installed anywhere — sink, table, hotel kitchen, restaurant, laboratory table, etc.
– Reliable technologies: The product acquired numerous certifications including KC, CE, and UL.
– Low power-consumption: The product consumes minimum amounts of power (130W for cold air). | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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