Competitive, Environment-Friendly Surfactants to Cover Global Market

Over the past three decades, Il Shin Chemical Co., Ltd. specialized in producing a variety of surfactants for use in such diverse industries as electronics, automobiles, fiber dyeing, rubber, leather and household products. With ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifi cations, the company has made ceaseless eff orts to develop new technologies with its skilled and qualifi ed engineers. Nowadays, under its business mott o “Focusing on Customer Satisfaction,” it is doing its utmost to develop environment-friendly products and contribute to improving the global environment.


Environment-Friendly Surfactants on Fast Track Overseas

The manufacturer’s export mainstays include “RS-620N” antitack agent for rubber production. The product presents excellent eff ects as antitack agent for all types of rubbers and as releasing agent for low-pressure extrusion of rubber hoses.
It is ROHS &APEO(alkyl phenol ethoxylates) free and environmental-friendly product which doesn’t cause pollution of workshops and any health problems.
Furthermore, RS-620N is Zinc-free and low forming product which is highly suitable for automation CMB(Carbon Master Batch) process.
The company’s another popular export item is “ECB-505” multifunctional aqueous cleaner for glass cleaning process.
ECB-505 is the environmental-friendly product which doesn’t contain ozone deleting substance(ODS).
In general cleaning process after glass polishing, the common process is 2-step process (neutral cleaning after acid cleaning). The main problem with the process above is that acid cleaning causes the corrosion on the production facilities.
With ECB-505, the users don’t need to worry about corrosion anymore because it doesn’t need to use acid for cleaning. Furthermore, the product can be used in various glass cleaning processes below with its excellent detergency of oil, a fi ngerprint, grease, particles on a glass.
1) Cleaning process for LCD, PDP, OLED array process
2) Cleaning process for Bare glass
3) Cleaning process after ITO-coating
“NC-900” non-halogen phosphorous-based fl ame retarding agent is eliciting high popularity overseas due to its excellent compatibility and fl ame-resisting eff ect to PU and PA. As environment-friendly product, it is free from ROHS and halogen ingredients. Notably, it can be soluble transparently in water and polar solvent.

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