Creating New Value through PVC Hoses

Se Young Metal Co., Ltd. has been growing rapidly as a trading company. The company started with cookware in 1999. Se Young Metal expanded business to manufacture PVC hoses. The company has been exporting its products to more than 100 countries throughout the world. By supplying excellent products to customers, Se Young Metal has built strong trust and developed technology under its business philosophy that Se Young Metal contributes to social development through win-win growth. The company continues to boost its reputation by exporting its products to overseas markets. Holding onto its value that nothing is more important than human resources, Se Young Metal hires outstanding human resources to grow into a worldclass company.
High Pressure Power Spray Hose is used to spray agricultural chemicals and is used in air tools and others.
The hose can come in handy for car washing and painting, too. This product is easy to handle, features excellent kink resistance and fl exibility. No fi ssures caused by UV rays of
the sun occur with this product.
LP and LN Gas Hose is used to supply LPG and LNG. This product is suitable for low pressure gas, and it is is strong and safe, featuring strong durability and elasticity.
As the product is very fl exible, it is easy to install. Welding Hose is used for oxyacetylene welding and the supply of oxygen to fi sh trucks and aquariums. The product is made of PVC and polyester yarn. Welding Hose comes in two kinds – single-hose and twin-hose types.
Air Hose is used for various air tools and compressors. People can use this product for painting, public work and construction work and in mines and stony pits. PVC and polyester yarn went into production of this product. Air Hose feature durability and fl exibility. Garden Hose (water hose) is light and fl exible. This product is easy to install.

Efforts to manufacture the highest quality at cheap rate 

Se Young Metal Co., Ltd has investing for Research and Development department. The company set up research center in 2012. For the best quality, Se Young Metal is using only quality raw materials from Korea. In addition, the company has advanced technology of manufacturing, so the company can accept any specifi c requirement of customers’ demands. In order to supply customers with the best quality products, the company set up factory automation system and latest production lines (from 2016), so the company can minimize of personnel expenses and increase the speed of production. Because of this, the products of this company have the highest quality with competitive price, and they will do their best to fulfi ll customer’s demands. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods