Dried, Chilled & Frozen Processed Foods

[INQ. NO. 1609C08] Chil Kab Farm http://korean-products.com/inquiryProducts Co., Ltd. is a major processed food maker that has specialized in producing and exporting a broad range of dried, chilled, and frozen foods such as rice cake, noodles, sauces, rice powder products and so forth worldwide for more than 30 years since it was founded in 1981.
The food company manufactures healthy and reliable foodstuff s under the management principles of using only high-quality raw material, with the best R&D capability in the industry. As a result of such eff orts, the company’s rice cake and chilled noodle products are produced without any preservatives and additives by its own skills, for the fi rst time in Korea.
In addition, it has established HACCP-certifi ed facilities for managing safe production and supply system, while as the production lines of rice cakes and cooked noodles, frozen foods and sauces have been certifi ed by KFDA since July 2007.
The combination of the company’s endless R&D, 30 years’ specialized technologies, reliable materials and modernized facilities including Korea’s biggest solar drying room has contributed to its continued growth, based on the customers’ trust.

Instant Rice Cake Soup / Dried Cold Noodle with Soup / Dried Soba with
Soba Sauce 300g / Topokki – Stick Rice Cake

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