Expert in Functional Headwear

With headquarters based in Busan, Sungkun Cap, is a specialized of functional headwear with its own patented technology and years of expertise. Since its inception in 1987, the company has sought to constantly invest to enhance the performance and reliability of its products.
Sungkun Cap’ patented product, “Wing Cap” has hidden wings at the both sides of the cap so you can spread them if necessary. With the visor wrapping up to the ears, the cap is eff ective in blocking intensive sunlight. The head strap, made of bio ceramic material holds the visor fi rmly and keeps the cap from slipping down.

Wing Cap


Roll Sun Cap series is a new sun cap whose visor can be easily rolled for storage as it contains poly-carbonate inside.
The visor is restored back to original shape even after it is stored for long period. With a Velcro band, the cap size is easily adjustable. The head strap, made of bio ceramic material holds the visor fi rmly and keeps the cap from slipping down.
The roll-type series include golf sun cap, hidden lid sun cap that will allow you to wear different style caps, sun cap using fabric for cap lid and sun cap using wrinkle fabric for cap lid.

Roll Sun Cap

Released by Sungkun Cap, Bio Multi-coating Sun Cap using poly-carbonate ultraviolet ray blocker and special miller coating eff ectively protects the skin and prevents freckles by completely blocking ultraviolet ray of 400 nanometer or less.


Bio Multi-coating Sun Cap

The patented sun cap also helps protect the eyes from hazardous ray and maintain clear vision by raising light penetration so that it is useful when you are engaged in outdoor activities such as leisure activity in the beach, wasting sports game, mountain climbing, fi shing, etc. The head strap, made of bio ceramic material holds the visor firmly and keeps the cap from slipping down. The visor is adjustable up and down at the desired angle.
Additionally, Sungkun Cap provides sun caps with a zipped connection that allows you to separate the cap and sun visor if necessary, or sun caps with a separable scarf designed to cover the entire face if necessary. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods