Fashion & Accessory Item Designing

[INQ. NO. 1609C18] J.D.S. BASICS a professional in the field of designing a wide range of fashion and accessory products, including necktie (dyed textiles, silk), scarf (silk), belt, wallet, watch, T-shirts, umbrella, cap, towel, mug, coffee mug, spoon, stylish blue-powered celadon, pencil case, key holder, loop for cellar phone, designed accessories, suitcase, apparel, environment-friendly garbage cans, household items bearing images of folk art.
J.D.S. BASICS has pioneered unique styles focusing on patterns and colors, developing the styles reflecting the concept of Korean patterns. It is also engaged in promoting marketing of local specialties (ex: red pepper necktie, scarf and etc.) through suitable public relations.

When it makes necktie and scarf, the company is concerned about reflecting the images of individuals and enterprises. J.D.S. BASICS also makes haute culture designs suitable for promoting the public relations for the municipal government with appealing peculiarity in harmony with seasons.
It designs a wide range of accessory items: belt, buckle, key-holder, loop for hand-phones, and others all designed to reflect the culture campaign to promote love for the enterprise and its public relations. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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