Polyurethane Systems for Insulation, Floor Waterproofi ng & Corrosion Proofi ng

[INQ. NO. 1609C19] TAE YOUNG is an expert https://korean-products.com/inquiryin manufacturing a variety of polyurethane systems, continuing its efforts in research and development of top-quality products that satisfy the diverse needs of various customers under the mott o of fulfi lling trust and promise for customers.
The polyurethane products of TAE YOUNG have many advantages, compared with other insulation products, in terms of superior thermal insulation performance, adhesion, light weight, excellent sealing, convenience and a wide range of products, so that they can be widely used as insulation in myriad diff erent fi elds including two-component type adhesives and fi berglass for a prefabricated sandwich panel; one-component type adhesive for honeycomb; electric refrigerators; refrigerating shipping containers; construction insulator; tank insulation; insulated double pipe; lowtemperature warehouse; refrigerating warehouse.
At the same time, the polyurea systems can be installed for not only waterproofi ng the floors of swimming pools or parking lots, but also corrosion-proof use for pipes and tanks, regardless of surface fl atness of adhered objects.
In addition, the polyurea systems feature elasticity that helps prevent cracking of floors once they are installed on a floor as well as durability due to their chemically resistant quality.

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