Producing Chemical Additives for PVC Stabilizers and UV Absorbers

C&A is a fi ne chemical company producing PVC stabilizers, absorbers, etc. Since its incorporation in 2001, it has produced chemical additives with a focus on PVC stabilizers and UV absorbers and has continued to grow and expand as a specialty chemical company through its consistent and successful technology development efforts.
All executives and staff members at C&A are focused on securing global competence when it comes to work, and through positive thinking and creative ideas, they will accomplish advanced technology development so that it can grow as a global company prioritizing its customers with the best quality, technology support and after service.

A Focus on UV absorbers and PVC stabilizers

UV absorber is a light stabilizer that belongs to the formamidine type. Some representative products of C&A are CINASORB UV-1 and CINASORB-SL. First, CINASORB UV-1 imparts excellent light stability to a number of polyurethane systems during their use. It application includes PUR, PVC, Acryl Resin, Polyester, etc.
CINASORB-SL is a blending type of formamidine class UV-absorber and UV-stabilizer. Its liquid form provides ease of handling and incorporation. It is also compatible in a wide range of substrates. It has low volatility and good thermal stability. It is applicable to PUR, PVC, Acryl resin and Polyester.

PVC stabilizer is an additive that supplements disadvantages of PVC during its manufacture, which are heat stabilization and anti-oxidation. PVC stabilizer is divided into two categories, Cd-Ba-Zn organic complex and Ba-Zn organic complex.
Cd-Ba-Zn organic complex is one package type stabilizer with excellent transparency and rich self-lubrication. It provides good initial epiphytism together with long-term heat stability. During calender processing, it shows very litt le plate out phenomenon with good vitality. It can be used commonly in soft and half hard core processes and improve productivity with good gelifi cation. It is excellent in weathering resistance and color stability. It is applicable to soft and half hard core sheet, fi lm, general pressing and injection products.
Ba-Zn organic complex is one package stabilizer for straight resin, which is excellent in weathering resistance, water-proofi ng and especially heat resistance. With good self-lubrication, it is not necessary to mix with other lubricants. It has excellent transparency without oilproof pollution. It shows litt le plate out and excellent color conservative. It is applicable to to curing film, leather and film for agricultural purposes. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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