Propolis Health Food

[INQ. NO. 1609C17] Unique Biotech Co., Ltd. is a biotech venture company specializing in the study development of propolis, the natural antibiotic made by honeybees, and related products. Carrying out diverse publicly funded research projects regarding propolis, the biotech enterprise registered five patents including ‘method for manufacturing eco-friendly alcohol-free, water-soluble propolis,’ with which Unique Biotech has developed a variety of related products. Unique Biotech’s latest “method for manufacturing alcohol-free, water-soluble propolis utilizing natural honey” received ‘NET’ certification from the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, being evaluated as an innovative technology.
“Unique Water-soluble Propolis,” manufactured with the company’s own technology, does not generate any wax or resin when it is diluted with water for intake, and it is also naturally soluble in water, producing soft taste and flavor, along with a stable color. Because of these features, it can be conveniently and easily eaten as a health functional food by anyone. Furthermore, the extraordinary applicability, with which it mixes well with other materials in a very stable way, allows the product to be widely utilized for a broad range of fields including foods, cosmetics, household goods and feed additives for livestock. In addition to supplying the propolis as raw materials, Unique Biotech also manufactures its own dietary supplements, with particular focus on outstanding antibacterial and antioxidant qualities of the propolis.

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