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Since its inception in 2008, UBS INC Co., Ltd. has been striving for of functional bio ceramics, new technology and products for water treatment and fi ltration.
With continuous technology development and production, its DOLKI ceramic ball passed FDA’s safety test and it is now widely applying to water treatment and fi ltration filed in domestic and oversea markets.
Also, it is trying to do its best to serve people with patented and best quality of its Vita-Fresh Shower Filter, Vita-Fresh SONAKI Shower Head and Vitamax Deluxe Shower Filter, Vitamax Deluxe Bidet Sprayer System and RECENS Water System, Water Filter. It promises to always try to hear customers’ valuable advices and make effort to become a leading company in the fi eld of water filtration and treatment.


Vita-Fresh Shower Filter – the Most Representative Product of UBS Inc.

Vita-Fresh Shower Filter releases vitamin C to neutralize chlorine and chloramines as the water passes through the Vitamin C Shower Filter. When water is shut off , the filter stops releasing vitamin C. This economical vitamin release increases useful lifespan of the fi lter signifi cantly.
Vitamin C fi lter has unique structure which can control to release the amount of vitamin C. By this unique structure, it releases vitamin C in exact quantity into the water to neutralize chlorine perfectly. Vitamin C shower filter is formulated with and made of 100% food grade of Vitamin C, making it the best and safest way to remove residual chlorine. It is an ideal method to protect sensitive skin from chlorinated water.
Beyond the anti-oxidant, vitamin C prevailed in most kinds of skin care products. Now fi ltration technology physically provides you with a natural resolution in the shower and bath. Vitamin C shower fi lter contains about 25 grams of vitamin C and is capable of neutralizing chlorine in 10,000 liters of water.
Vita-Fresh Shower Filter can help to improve the condition of skin and texture of hair with pharmaceutical food grade of vitamin C contained.

It meets the dechlorinating requirements of the EPA’s Clean Water Act.
Special DOLKI ceramic ball and ring make water molecule smaller and can also energize the water to improve hydration. Finally, it is easy to install and change the filter cartridge.

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