Smart and Compact All-in-One Shower System

Throughout its 23-year history, Cebien has held fast its ‘design’ management philosophy as a continuous innovator and trend-sett er in the shower system business in Korea. Cebien ceaselessly launched novel shower products ranging from Korea’s first panel body shower, “Nasa-More” in 1998, to its unique shower & bathroom shelf all-in-one set, “Puzzle” in 2005, followed by models like “Garo-UD” and” Garo-UP,” carving out a new and premium category of shower/shelves all-in-one system in Korea.
As the all-in-one shower system is gett ing more popular, Cebien is moving to challenge the existing “one-size-fi tsall” approach to bathroom interior design by introducing a new concept series, the “All In One Bathroom Series,” which is intended to give users new freedom to design their own bathroom space.

Based on the management focusing on practical and creative design, Cebien has won numerous prestigious local and international awards such as the Korea Design Award, 2015 World-class Products selection by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, IF award (four times), IDEA design award (twice) and Blueprint award as well as Good Design awards for its 27 products by KDIP.

Creating ‘Contemporary Lifestyle Bathroom’ to suit one’s needs 

Cebien’s “All in One Bathroom – Shower” saves a bathroom space cleverly by combining a mirror, a washbasin, a shower for hands/head and a deck for storing bathroom supplies. You can create your own cozy bath space by adding bath shelves and toilet bowl. With a space-effi cient design, the series is ideal for small-sized homes with single- or two-person families, as it can be installed in a small space of 1.4 square meters. In case of a family with four people or more, this product can be used as an extra washbasin/shower system by being installed in a shower room.
“All In One Bathroom – Mirror” is Cebien’s latest series consisting of a circular mirror, a washbasin, a hand shower and multiple decks for bathroom supplies. By utilizing space-effi cient multiple decks with diff erent sizes and a hand shower rather than a bulky cabinet and a head shower, this series allows people to take advantage of every inch of space in a small-scale bathroom. You can freely install each shelf in your preferred location, which will provide interior eff ect to your bathroom. The combination of a circular mirror and a washbasin is a good choice for a powder room as well.

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