Smart Kitchen Supplies

Lichen Pvt. Ltd. specializes in manufacturing kitchen with the main focus on creation and innovation as its corporate mott o. The company, through continuous R&D endeavors, is devoting all its energies and resources toward making life bett er and more convenient for everyone by introducing products with functionality and utility.
Based on these visions, Lichen has recently launched its “Dirt Bye”and“Sink Filter.”

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There are many drawbacks to using conventional kitchen sink strainers, such as nasty odor and bacteria growth as food waste sticking on to the sink fi lter mesh starts to decompose. You could fi nd it a great inconvenience to clean the dirty fi lter mesh with your hands each time.
Therefore, Sink Filter was created in South Korea to solve these problems. Once you cover a kitchen sink with the mat-shaped Sink Filter and leave the tap water running, food waste is collected on it. Then, you just need to slightly fold the handle part with your fi ngers to transform it into a funnel that will drain water and collect food waste only. By doing so, you can easily dispose of dirty food waste without need to make contact with it. In addition, it is made of TPE material to prevent bacteria growth, which is the main cause of unpleasant odors. And the TPE material fi lter can be always used as if it is a brand-new product simply by rinsing it with water. The mat-type fi lter fi ts all sizes of any sink and can be used for a washbasin or bath tub.

Even after doing the dishes, you may fi nd that there are still residual strains that get stuck in the grooves of some kitchenware such as in the rubber packing of the airtight container lid. They are very diffi cult to remove with an ordinary mop or brush. Thus, Lichen invented a cleaning tool, “Dirt Bye,” which consists of three diff erent separable tools such as cleaning bars and a cleaning brush. Each of them is easily separable. With Dirt Bye, you can remove even the most stubborn stains, dirt and mold stuck in spiral grooves of bott les or edges or cracks of various household goods without doing damage to the objects. It is safe for human body by being made of using BPA-free material. Dirt Bye is the 2015 IF Design Award-winning product. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods