Verticalized System from Design of Jewelry to Manufacture and Final Distribution Stage

As an official licensee of the ‘SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS’, a luxury brand of jewelry, Seediglobal Co. Ltd. is a company with competitiveness both in price and quality by establishing a verticalized system from design of jewelry to manufacture and final distribution stage.
As its ‘Shop-in-Shop’ system has been established, it is in a position to create a new paradigm in distribution of jewelry products. Through various upgraded product development and oversea launch, which was supported by SWAROVSKI, it is expanding its sales activities to the global market.
Seediglobal has price competitiveness definitely with all processes from design, manufacture to distribution of jewelry in a verticalized system. And as an official licensee of SWAROVSKI, who has more than 80% of market share for global crystal jewelry, Seediglobal produces and provides high quality products with authentic crystal supplied by SWAROVSKI.


YENO Means ‘Young + Elegant + Noble + Only’, Luxury Fashion Jewelry

Its brand name YENO is a compound word made of four words, ‘Young + Elegant + Noble + Only’, to mean luxury fashion jewelry and its brand design symbolizes a glitt ering diamond by using the initial character ‘Y’ of its brand name, YENO.
YENO SWAROVSKI products, which combine the European brand name SWAROVSKI crystal with Korea’s excellent jewelry manufacture technology and design, are 1/2 to 1/3 cheaper without compromise in quality, design and elegance. For each product, SWAROVSKI authentic crystal warranty is issued to ensure credibility. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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