Company Information
ROBOROBO EDUCATION is the advanced Robotics education system by RoboRobo, which RoboRobo was in an educational field more than 15 years in development of the educational robot for nurturing creativity and virtuous talents.
RoboRobo continues to equip students with the capacities to obtain new solutions by preparing their own areas through creative thinking abilities, logical and scientific problem-solving abilities, inspiring students to obtain new results by developing their own areas through creative thinking abilities, logical and scientific problem-solving abilities, inspiring students to challenge 21st century.
Product Description
ROBO Kids Series

Robo Kids Series are designed for children ages 5~7, thoughtfully created to help younger children understanding robot technology. Each kit is based on the useful and various assembly blocks that contain special circuits such as CPUs, contact sensors, and IR sensor blocks. Programming of the robots is done with a card-reader system called “Funny Cards”. Robo Kids is specially developed to foster their creativity and activate their brain by assembling robots.

ROBO Kids 1st level

Robo Kids 1 is designed to learn a basic understanding of robotics and build skills through assembling parts in blocks. Blocks contain special circuits that will help students to create movement through Card-reader system with funny cards.

ROBO Kids 2nd level

Robo Kids 2 brings more in-depth learning of Robots by assembling complicated sensors and special circuit blocks. Through the Card-reader system and the wired remote control, Robo Kids 2, will help deepen children’s creativity. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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