Cogylight LED Desk Lamp [INQ. NO. 1610C21] Illuminate your desktop with this stylish adjustable desk lamp! With easy-to-use touch switch controls and a variety of brightness levels, Cogylight LED desk lamp can fulfi ll any lighting needs at your place. While existing bar type desk lamps spread the light, circular design head is eff ective to gather the light. It makes our eyes feel comfortable by minimizing the shadows of the object and reducing the eyestrain. Cogylight LED desk lamp is a functional circular design desk lamp that eye protection is top priority.

201610cc_page_031_07 Product features
– Eye-friendly Circular Head Design and LUMIPLAS anti glare fi lter by LG Chemical
– Portable and Long-lasting LG LI-ION Batt ery
– Power-saving, High-effi ciency, and Eco-friendly Samsung LED
– Dimmable and Brightness Sett ing Memory
– Mood Lamp as a Night Light for babies and children
– Easy Angle Adjustment and Foldable Space Saving Design
– Auto-off Timer – 30 minutes / 60 minutes
– Muiti colors – White, Black, Lime green, Sky blue, and Light pink
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