Die-Cast Aluminum Cookware with Ceramic / Non-stick Coating

http://korean-products.com/inquiry [INQ. NO. 1610C18] Vision Art Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of die-cast aluminum cookware in Korea. With more than 30 years expertise and special technology accumulated in the die-casting and aluminum surface coating field, Vision Art has been supplying a variety of premium cookware in the global markets. The corporate motto of ‘Beyond mere cookware,’ has motivated the company to continue to develop more userfriendly, eco-friendly products, giving added impetus to its efforts for better products.

The die-cast aluminum cookware with ceramic / non-stick coating provides the following distinctive strengths:
* Benefits of Premium Die-Cast Aluminum Cookware
– Superior heat conductivity, induction compatible
– Light aluminum body for easy handling
* Benefits of Innovated Ceramic / Non-stick Coating
– Excellent heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant ceramic
– N on-stick coating: hazardous free and safe and healthy cooking / better
durability and less fat needed for cooking


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