Leading Supplier of Fabrics with Smooth Surface, Ultra-light, High-density, Micro-volume

https://korean-products.com/inquiry [INQ. NO. 1610C09] Company Profile: SNT, which originated from SK Chemicals Co., has been a globally leading company in textile and yarn business for almost 40 years since 1969.

SNT is proud of being one of the best suppliers and manufacturers of high-quality fabrics for high-end apparel customers in the world.

SNT has made intensive efforts to develop creative products for the rapidly changing fashion trends. As a result, SNT has succeeded in developing yarn-dyed shape memory fabrics, and it also has been maintaining a good reputation for unrivaled quality and quick delivery in the global markets.

SNT is eager to demonstrate its capability to develop new products, but also it willingly continues its efforts to satisfy its customers’ diverse requirements. SNT will do its best to present optimal solutions to match clients’ needs.

Main product description: SNT uses a variety of quality materials such as acetate, rayon, wool and special synthetic fibers, and makes good use of technical skills and powerful R&D ability accumulated from SK Chemicals Co.

SNT also will continue to invest in R&D to meet the various customers’ requirements.


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