Shape Memory, Prime Micro & Memory [INQ. NO. 1610C08] Company Profile: Mono Tex has led the way in the Korean fabric industry for 40 years making constant efforts in creating a better world and better future. Under the slogan, “World’s-best Quality,” Monotex has concentrated on rigorous quality control and development of new items since 1973.

As a result of these efforts, Mono Tex is highly recognized for its productquality and stable control of production. Now the company is actively making inroads into global markets for high-end clients with the best quality and reliable service.

With the spirit of pioneers, Mono Tex intends to contribute to creating a better world through fashion and opening of many business opportunities for the valuable clients of Mono Tex.

Main product description:
Prime Micro & Memory
– Primula provides you safe zone against UV.
– Excellent downproof gives you warmth and feeling at home.
– Primula maintains nobility and grace.
– You can experience and feel high-toned quality “prime micro.”

Memory shape
– The “Shape Memory Fiber” makes natural winkles and easily recovers its original shape.
– With natural winkle effect, it is easy to pack and recover.

Cotton mixture
– Cotton rich, by contrast, has moved into casual outerwear collection.
– Soft nature gives smooth and fashionable look to city-life.

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