Vacuum Packing Machine [INQ. NO. 1610C13] Usually, ordinary packing alone cannot block off the air, the major cause of food decay, and it is difficult to maintain freshness and long-term storage of food, compared with vacuum packing.

All Pack Korea Co. Ltd. provides the vacuum packing solution through its advanced vacuum packing machine and appropriate packing bags for home and commercial uses. By using the company’s vacuum packing machine, you can save money, space and time at the same time. You can pack leftovers in vacuum bag in refrigerator or freezer, protecting the environment by reducing food-wastes, while protecting original flavor, taste and nutrients for longer time.

In addition, you can utilize and organize the inner space of a refrigerator or a freezer with vacuum-packed foods thanks to reduced volume, not to mention the hygienic condition of the packed foods.

You can also cook your meal simply by reheating the vacuum-packed food in a microwave oven without any deterioration in the original flavor, taste and nutrients. You can also enjoy sous-vide by cooking vacuum-packed foods in boiling water.

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