Vita-Fresh Shower Filter [INQ. NO. 1610C16] The Vita-Fresh Shower Filter uses 100% pharmaceuticalgrade vitamin C. It removes more than 98% of residual chlorine. With elution of vitamin C, it helps improvement of status in skin and hair. As a shower filter that has completed design and device patent registration, filter effect and replacement time can be easily identified. A genuine product certification can be confirmed with smartphone.

Installation according to international piping standard is easily done.

Refill filter can be used for 1 to 3 months (may vary depending on the frequency of use, water pressure and water temperature). Filter replacement is easy.

UBS INC Co., Ltd. has been striving for development of products related to water treatment since its foundation in 2008. Currently, it manufactures DOLKI짰 ceramic ball that is applied to water purifier, Vita-Fresh Shower Filter that has completed design patent registration and water purifier filter, which have been exported to 11 countries around the world.
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