Car Seat Footrest “KneeGuardKids” [INQ. NO. 1610C29] inGarden is a corporation specialized in researching and developing Car Seat Footrest for infant, with which we may protect child’s knees and provide them with a comfort. Because Car Seat Footrest for infant is used in a car, it must be safe above all things. To do that, a good understanding on the child’s physical characteristic, shape and structure of a car seat for infant and the car is required.

201610cc_page_035_03The founder of inGarden and the head of developers, as a father of two daughters, has devoted himself in making the most safe product as a priority. In order to develop the optimized footrest in terms of its function, shape, quality and design, which may be used comfortably by his two daughters, he has worked with meticulous care.

Since the commercialization of KneeGuardKids, Car Seat Footrest for infant, for the first time in the world, inGarden Corporation helps protect child’s knees and provide them with a comfort.

Ultimately, we have played a leading role in preventing the injury of infants by increasing the usage of Car Seat.

– Target age: 1~10 years old child
– T he product passed the collision test by the US’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
– Patent registered in the Korea, USA, Japan, Canada and Australia Patent applied for the Europe, China and India
– $1MM Product Liability Insurance by inGarden
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