Children’s Wear & Infant Clothing [INQ. NO. 1610C37] KOKACHAM is an infant and children’s wear brand dedicated to keeping kids comfortable with its unique range of cute and stylish loungewear and socks. KOKACHAM’s loungewear is a ‘one-mile wear,’ which kids can wear as easy daily-wear clothing in the neighborhood as well as indoors.

201610cc_page_044_03Given that children spend a lot of time of day in their loungewear, which also comes into direct contact with their tender skin, it is natural mothers are very concerned about the material of the clothing. Of course, loungewear needs to be frequently washed.

Taking all these factors into account, KOKACHAM thoroughly manages all of the manufacturing processes ranging from design to material selection and sewing of its main products such as loungewear, innerwear, socks and rash guard in South Korea to ensure reliable high quality. KOKACHAM uses soft and quality fabrics to assure comfort to the skin of the little ones. It combines soft colors and simple prints and patterns to give each piece of clothing a subtle cuteness. These efforts contribute to the brand’s continuing popularity in the domestic market.

201610cc_page_044_05Being recognized for its quality, its products are selling in overseas department stores such as Isetan Singapore and Robinson Department Store. KOKACHAM is also growing in popularity in many countries including in China, Japan, Singapore, Canada, Australia and the Netherlands, and to better serve foreign customers, it acquired ISO9001 and ISO1401 certifications, while it is also preparing website renewal with multilingual service in English, Japanese and Chinese. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods