Eco-friendly Anti-bacteria & Seed Stationery [INQ. NO. 1610C33] Founded in 1977, Good Feel Korea Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to providing top-quality office products to clients in Korea, and Japan and to other global business customers.

Through its intense and continuous research endeavors, Good Feel Korea has developed the latest eco-friendly and creative production line-up.

Good Feel Korea obtained 6 invention patents, 17 utility models patents and 20 design patents. Good Feel Korea’s latest innovative pencil is called “Paeon,” which is designed to minimize the harmful bacteria on the parts touched by humans on a pencil by adding the natural antibacterial ingredients extract from edible and medicinal flowers to the existing eco-friendly paper pencil.

Furthermore, Good Feel Korea combined the “Paeon” with seed and miniature flower pots. The “Oh,My” series (seed ecofriendly paper pencil, mini flower pot eco-friendly paper pencil) is a very creative stationery product with educational value.

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