Mystic Stone [INQ. NO. 1610C50] Mystic Stone is the world’s fi rst beauty care product 100% manually manufactured through many complex processes. It can be used to massage parts of the body aff ected by skin diseases such as atopy and acne; the fi ne particles produced as a result of massaging the skin can penetrate deep into the dermis layer and react with the problematic substance causing the skin diseases. In addition, the energy generated by rubbing the stone against the skin helps remove the problematic substance from the body by stimulating the blood vessels and nerves surrounding the substance.

Characteristic of Mystic Stone:
* 100% nature mineral matt er
* All manual processing production
* Product using nature mineral energy and Seuton changing
* Product developed for multi-functional solution for pimple and atopy treatment as well as pore care, skin brightening, fi ne wrinkle removal, skin troubles and bett er blood circulation Eff ect of Mystic Stone: From atopy skin, and pore care to a variety of skin troubles
* Exfoliation of dead skin cell

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