Nori Smart RC Car [INQ. NO. 1610C34] Nori Smart RC Car allows you to control and transfer data such as, video records and sounds with the exclusive App using your smartphone anywhere anytime.

201610cc_page_037_09This IoT technology product will serve as a toy for all ages and also can be used as a CCTV. With Nori Smart RC Car, you can control rollercoastershaped character “Nori” by using smartphone application. The product Users can transfer live video and sound data through the WiFi-Direct function. Parents can monitor their children’s behaviors through the live CCTV function and prevent dangers and unexpected events. Data from IoT sensors attached on Smart RC Car can be collected and the collected data are linked to cloud BaaS which adds a higher level of IoT technology and mobility function to the smart toy product. Additional functions planned to be updated include beam projector and fire alarm detector.

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