Peanut Sprout Extract-based Hangover Cure/Tonic, Dried Peanut Sprouts and Peanut Sprout Tea [INQ. NO. 1610C44] HANSENG Bio Inc. is an R&D venture enterprise engaged in studying and commercializing the active components of peanut sprouts. The company has developed not only a peanut sprout cultivation method to increase its pharmacological effectiveness, but also an extraction procedure to maximize the production of the active ingredients of peanut sprout through the use of enzyme composites.

201610cc_page_047_07Peanut Sprout Extract-based Hangover Cure/Tonic: Alfree is a peanut sprout extract-based hangover cure/ tonic which is added with health-benefiting herbals such as turmeric, arrowroot, hovenia dulcis and red ginseng. The Alfree was proven to have antioxidation and alcoholysis effect both in vivo and in vitro studies.

The result was published on a research paper and the production method is patented. The extract type content is contained in 20ml bottle, and the package included: 30 units x bottle (20ml/vial) to be easily displayed at a small space such as retail store and drugstore counters.

201610cc_page_047_10 Dried Peanut Sprouts: The peanut sprouts that are hydroponically grown after being germinated in darkroom contain less high fat than normal peanuts do, while they contain 50 times more resveratrol found in red wine and 8 times more aspartic acid found in bean sprouts.

The resveratrol, a kind of phytoalexin, is the U.S. FDA-approved powerful antioxidant. It is known to be associated with not only slowing aging, but also effectively suppressing the proliferation of cancer cells.

Peanut Sprout Tea: Roasting and grinding the dried peanut spouts, Peanut sprout Tea in a bag is developed for easier taking. The effect of dried peanut sprouts is maintained. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods