Premium Stainless Steel Wall Tile [INQ. NO. 1610C39] DSP is the world’s leading company for architectural stainless steel. For the last three decades, DSP has been a source of innovative ideas and products for both architectural and industrial applications. Various colors and patterns with different forms of stainless steel products have been developed in sheet, coil, panel and tile under each brands: VERNOX (Embossed pattern in sheet & coil), INOXTEEL (Laminated panel), INOXTA (Wall tile, panel & Ceiling), Verblock (DIY Wall Tile).

Various shapes and sizes with diverse colors and finishes allow you to make your own designs of tiles. Colors and finishes on INOXTA are very special and aesthetic. This inimitable semi-permanent colors were made by PVD technology with titanium. With our patented backing you can bend the tile round or even an angle easily with only your bare hand. Our tile can be also cut with simple cutting blade.Coated with our cutting edge NCC technology, INOXTA is ideal for a place where hygiene is required. The surface also prevents stain and finger-print.

DSP’s DIY wall coverings, Verblock, available in various colors, shapes and patterns, are genuine metallic surface, and everyone who wants to create a special space would be able to install it very easily. And it can be used as finishing material for various applications for both architectural and industrial applications such as furniture, kitchen furniture, doors, wall panels, ceilings and finishing materials for electronic appliances. Verblock is extremely easy to install and easily stick to almost any place saving man power and cost greatly.

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