Skin-friendly Hand-made Soap using Korea Dendro Panax Morbifera Fermented Extract [INQ. NO. 1610C47] Chazmi is a premium hand-made soap using Korea dendro panax morbifera fermented extract, which is produced by using Hyrim’s extraction technique (patent-pending) so that the active ingredients of dendro panax morbifera can remain intact.

201610cc_page_049_03Special Features:

– E M fermented extract of dendro panax morbifera: The effective microorganisms of the EM fermented extract features outstanding moisturizing to help keep the skin moist. The mild and non-irritating soap is perfect for women with sensitive skin.

– Use of botanical oil: Chazmi soap is made of botanical oil to protect the skin against toxic substances and pollutants, while it also helps make the skin healthy and soft by forming protective barrier to prevent moisture from being evaporated from the skin.

– Plenty of glycerin: Chazmi soap contains plenty of glycerin whose moisturizing element helps relieve troubled skin conditions such as atopy and itchy skin.

– Use of natural lavender fragrance oil: Chazmi’s lavender fragrance provides a refreshing and relaxing scent as well as aromatherapy effect.

– W ithout seven harmful chemicals: Chazmi soap does not contain paraben, mineral oil, Carbomer, artificial pigment, triethanolamine, aldehyde and preservatives that are usually found in normal soaps.

– N o artificial surfactant/ hardener: Using Coco-betaine, a natural surfactant, Chazmi soap offers strong cleansing effect and moisturizing so that it is perfect for women with sensitive skin as well. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods