Specialized Artificial Turf Provider

https://korean-products.com/inquiry [INQ. NO. 1610C40] Field Master is one of Korea’s leading manufacturers of artificial turf.

We are able to offer a complete range of artificial grass for the sport & leisure industry meeting the highest standards and producing advanced technologies products, including various sized and characteristic grass yarns which can be manufactured to customers’ requests.

We produce TPE rubber granules and Natural granules, O2 Chip, which are durable, resilient, resistant, eco-friendly and elastic materials ideal for synthetic surfacing.

Our infill materials are highly color stable, elastic, long lasting materials that comply with FIFA standards.

The life span of a typical turf fields are around 7-10 years.

Our technology, artificial turf recycling can now be completely separated and cleaned, so that plastic, rubber granulate, and silica sands can be used again and again to install new pitches and fields, or regenerated as other useages like fuel of power plants.

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