Unique & Healthy Korean Tea Beverages

http://korean-products.com/inquiry [INQ. NO. 1610C42] Located in Hadong , one of the main green tea cultivating areas in Korea, Sundol Village is a Korean tea-making company providing unique range of Korean tea beverages under its own brand name of “Jade:Lee” with the mission of serving tea devotees with the finest quality and unrivaled taste. Jade:Lee’s tea beverages consists of three different categories – Hadong green tea and Hadong black tea; different types of traditional Korean herbal teas (persimmon leaf tea, mugwort tea, mulberry leaf tea, chrysanthemum tea, pumpkin tea); and blended tea beverages such as pure yuja tea, blended ginseng and yuja tea and blended yuja and Hadong black tea.

201610cc_page_046_07Main tea beverages: – Pumpkin tea: it is a teabag, based on organic sweet pumpkin and pumpkin.

– Pure yuja tea: After three years of R&D endeavors, Jade:Lee has launched the sugar-free pure citron teabag. Blended with yuja (99%) and herb (1%), it has unique flavor and taste yuja and a light sweet taste.

– Blended ginseng and yuja tea: The yuja tea is blended with six-year old red ginseng. You can enjoy special taste of ginseng as fresh taste and flavor of yuja relieves the characteristic bitter taste of ginseng.

– B lended yuja and Hadong black tea: It provides a delicate combination of soft flavor and Hadong black tea and fresh flavor of yuja.

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