Waterless Shampoo “The Shampoo 350”

http://korean-products.com/inquiry [INQ. NO. 1610C30] KORSOA is a Korean company that has invented and marketed its dry shampoo “The Shampoo 350” series that does not require any water to wash your hair. The waterless shampoo from KORSOA is alcohol-free and animal ingredients-free product and it uses only natural ingredients as it name signifies.

The name’s figure 3 means that the product is concerned about safety, relaxation and comfort. Figure 5 means it does not use five chemical ingredients such as ethanol, petroleumbased ingredients, silicon, pigment and sulfate. And, figure 0 means it used non-chemical base ingredients.

The Shampoo 350 has HALAL Certification, and has U.S.FDA V.C.R.P. certification.

It also acquired a patent in Korea. The Shampoo 350 series comes in three different models — < The Shampoo350 – Indoor> for patients, the old, the weak, the disabled, the pregnant woman, so forth; for people enjoying outdoor activities such as mountain climbing, camping, fishing, other leisure sports; and < The Shampoo350 UBN> for urbanites with busy lifestyle.

KORSOA has lately invented and added waterless shampoo & spray for pets to its product line-up.

How to use:
1. Just pumping 3 ~ 5 times and rub thoroughly into your hair.
2. Finish it off by drying with a towel.
3. You can finish shampoo within three minutes anywhere.


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