Zetta Bathroom Cleaners/Bowl Cleaners/Handwash/Hand Sanitizer

http://korean-products.com/inquiry [INQ. NO. 1610C24] DBK KOREA was established under the belief that the best quality is the most important to the customer satisfaction. Our Company principle is that 1.

Value Creation for customer’s comfortable life. 2. Company Management style for Human beings. Through technical cooperation with DBK Germany, we have grown to become the No.1 OEM/ODM manufacturer in the insecticide Korean market. We are also specializing in homecare area and effectively pioneering the market by exports and various products through a lot of R&D activities. We will make an effort to become a truly global homecare company to satisfy the needs of customers, who pursues comfortable life.

It is an aerosol type bathroom cleaner. As a product used to clean a large surface of a bathroom easily and hygienically, it is an excellent product removing the mold, slime and soap deposits stuck in the bathroom by simply spraying the foam on the floor and rinsing with water and has additional effects on sterilization of bacteria up to 99.9%, prevention of recontamination and glossing. With a suffcient capacity of 600ml, it can be used to clean the entire bathroom including a shower booth itself, shower booth door, bathtub, tiles, ceramic surface, basin, etc. as well as a bathroom floor for a long period of time.

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