Daily Wear Soft Contact Lenses

http://korean-products.com/inquiry Korea’s contact lens market is one of the fast-growing markets in the world, enjoying constant growth from $90 million in 2010 to $450 million in 2014, driven by an increasing number of people who are wearing the contact lenses for cosmetic purposes, as well as eyesight correction. The booming market is off ering att ractive business opportunities for eyewear companies with specialized and diff erentiated technology.

201610cc_page_074_03E.O.S Co., Ltd. is emerging as one of the leading suppliers of contact lenses in Korea, continuously enhancing its core technical competence since its inception in 2005. Based on proven technologies and strict quality inspection and control, the quality of E.O.S contact lenses as well as their precision shape and comfort have been recognized by Korea’s demanding consumers, and now E.O.S exports many models of its contact lenses to 40 countries including Japan.

E.O.S Daily Wear Soft Contact Lenses
E.O.S Daily Wear Soft Contact Lenses are color contact lenses for cosmetic or eyesight correction.

E.O.S has prioritized safety and user’s comfort in manufacturing its contact lenses as medical device, and thus it has been committ ed to developing irritation-free contact lenses. As a result of these eff orts, the new concept irritation-free contact lenses of E.O.S can be worn on a continuous basis for a long period of time, which is made possible by new materials.


By combining the beautiful colors of cosmetic contact lenses with the advantages of circle contact lenses, the E.O.S lenses make the iris look bigger and bring out user’s personality with colors of user’s choice.

What’s more, the soft contact lenses of E.O.S use hydrophilic polymacon to facilitate continuous wear for a long period of time without irritation. Manufactured by the “casting mold” method, the soft lenses off er reliable quality.

Proving its popularity abroad, the entire production of more than $5 million is exported to about 40 countries — mainly to Japan as well as China, countries in Southeast Asia, Australia, the Middle East, Europe, Canada, South America and Africa, being well received by international customers.

About the company
201610cc_page_074_07E.O.S Co., Ltd., founded in 2002 based on a philosophy of “Honesty and Trust,” has steadfastly grown into a robust contact lens supplier with production capacity of 1,500,000 units per month by the end of 2016, and with clients in many countries, including Japan, the primary export market.

E.O.S has acquired numerous international certifi cations, including CE, ISO, KGMP and import permits from China, Japan and Russia among others. The company is now in the progress of obtaining the FDA certifi cation from the USA.

All of its state-of-the-art products are color printed and produced by the “casting mold method.” Entire staff of E.O.S shall do our best eff ort to achieve our objective of “becoming global company” through quality management with ceaselessly R&D in new materials/ products, thereby meeting the customers’ expectations.

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